What makes Amarlis unique- we think differently
Whether we are securing credit card transactions, verifying information or securing a transactional web site with one of our services, business models or products, Amarlis provide security, inginuity and especially creative thinking giving peace of mind in the knowledge that all steps and have been taken and every angle covered (including the ones you haven't thought about) to reduce and eliminate potential risks.
It is all well and good to react to a situation, but by the time problems have been discovered the damage has been done; and sometimes irrepairable. Amarlis provide unique proactive solutions to businesses, organisations and governmental institutions, nationally and internationally across a variety of specialist fields.

- Preventative risk reduction
- Retail risk reduction
- Information and intelligence
- Security products and specialist systems

We provide these unique products and service with the utmost integrity and confidentiality, calling upon our vast experience and highly specialist network.
Our proactive and revolutionary approach can increase the bottom line of an organisation, improve staff morale, provide intelligence and reduce an organisations costs.
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Fraud Reduction
Retail Risk Assessment
Due Diligence
Physical Security