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International Due Diligence Investigations

Amarlis offers due diligence investigations in the UK and overseas to finance
houses and businesses in general

The team is entirely made up of ex-Scotland Yard detectives with vast
experience in international fraud investigation and due diligence. They can
deliver government training and advice on money laundering and fraud
prevention throughout Eastern Europe, and have built up strong connections in
that region. Our team are well connected in Western Europe and Sub Sahara
countries where we can provide detailed information on people and companies.

Our specialisation in the provision of due diligence investigations can
deliver a service equivalent to the highest industry standards whilst
offering the lowest charges in London.

Our strongest jurisdictions are the Russian Federation, Romania, Slovakia,
Bulgaria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg,
Italy, France and Spain, as we have direct access to key data in those

Outline of service.

1. Basic Identification Check. A basic search carried out to satisfy the
requirements of International Money Laundering Regulations. This will provide
the mandatory requirement pertaining to verification of name and address, but
will also include several extras to provide a "comfort zone" to all types of
business enquirer.

2. Identification plus employment and directorships. A mid-level search that
will include all the above but will go on to provide details of known
telephone numbers, verification of any previous/current employment, and
anything pertaining to the subject and his/her spouse, which is held in the
Company Register.

3. Full Company Analysis. This is a full investigative approach to provide
complete details and comprehensive analysis of a specified company, including
local screening of its directors, managers and shareholders, to verify legal
structure and integrity.

Our written reports setting forth the results of investigations will reflect
the highest industry standards.

Our senior management team will be pleased to meet with you to provide
additional information on the range of services we have to offer