1 Have you identified the risks of fraud to your company?
2 Does your company have written procedures for their employees to observe in the following areas?
Please Note the following are only a sample of topics
Use of Internet
Use of E mail
Use and storage of company cheques
Use of company credit card
Document Security
Cash handling
3 In your opinion could the following possibly be fraud?
Non payment of valid debt
Invoice over-payment
False accounting
Mistakes in expense claims
Mistake in overtime claims
Misrepresentation of information on Curriculum Vitae
4 Do you accept the following at face value?
New employees
New clients
Office services
Out sourced cleaning/security
5 Do you check your cheque stubs against your bank statement?
6 Do you keep your credit Color card slips?
7 Do you check credit card statements?
8 Do you check your telephone bills?
9 Have you ever been a victim of fraud?
10 Could the fraud have been discovered earlier?
11 Could the fraud have been prevented?
12 Has your company ever been a victim of fraud?
13 Could it have been discovered earlier?
14 Could it have been prevented?
15 Have you received any training in how to prevent or detect fraud?
During the last six months
Between six months and two years
More than two years ago
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